Celebrate the cyclical nature of life
on the longest day of the year

Leila Greiche LLC is moving outside
and into the endless expanse of nature

We will raise a flag by Brigid Moore
to inaugurate the move

Initiation: sunrise, sea level

Culmination: sunset, mountain top

DM 4 details

2 series of limited edition towels
by Brigid Moore *SOLD OUT*

Brigid Moore (b.1988, New York, NY) lives and works in New York, NY. Her paintings of mythical creatures within fantastical landscapes inspire reverie. A pegasus admires its reflection. Panthers tear over broken hearts. These characters, remembered from childhood, encourage us to notice and celebrate the surreal in our everyday lives.

Moore's work was previously exhibited at Leila Greiche LLC in No Butterflies, No Nothing (2022), in a collaboration with East Hampton Shed (2022), and at Sapore di Mare, a cultural festival organized by Salotto Studio in Forte dei Marmi, Italy (2022).