LEILA GREICHE presents a limited edition of handmade incense papers enveloped in stills from Abbey Meaker’s film “Water light passing.” The film was included in the gallery’s Autumnal Equinox installation, 2023.

Three strips per sheet.
Sheets measure 2.5 x 4 inches.
Envelopes measure 3 x 5 inches.
Paper pulp, pine resinabsolute, riso ink, paper.
2023. Edition of 50. $100 $50 each (Spring Equinox special).

A multi-sensory offering of scent: pine resin soaked incense papers made from leftover paper pulp and absolute, folded into riso-printed black and white film stills: one depicts lily pads on a glittering pond’s surface, and the other a frog resting on silver, wet earth. This experiential offering echoes the environment of Meaker’s film through scent and image. Four elements of nature come together: water and earth are flattened to paper and reanimated by fire, fed by air. Scent creates atmosphere, and like celluloid, the pine infused paper holds time and place, material and ethereal in its offering. 


Fold one strip into an accordion, and light one end, gently blowing out the flame as soon as it appears. A prayer or intention can be set in this moment.